Hi! Thanks for dropping in to Pathways of the Heart where I’ll share lighthouse stories and writing insights.

The reason I chose the name Pathways of the Heart combines both topics, lighthouses and writing. As a lighthouse enthusiast, I’ve visited over 100 lighthouses. I’m fascinated by lighthouses, so I love to read and research lighthouses all over the world looking for stories to share. I prefer positive, hopeful and true stories about how lighthouses and their keepers survived and helped others survive as well. Perhaps you like to know those stories too.

Lighthouses provide light to direct ships to safe harbor and away from danger. People also need illumination to show us which path to take. Join me as we explore the various pathways we take when we follow our hearts. Sometimes those paths lead us into dangerous situations. Other times we find  happy endings. But all of us are following some path. How do we know which way to go? Can we always trust our hearts, which can be easily swayed by emotions? Or is there direction from another, more reliable source to shed light on our path?

In my writing blog, I share what I’ve learned on my writing journey as I’ve followed that path.

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Recent Lighthouse Posts

The Lighthouse Keeper No One Knew About

Pencarrow Lighthouse, New Zealand

Mary Jane Bennett was New Zealand’s only female lighthouse keeper and was the head keeper of the country’s first permanent lighthouse.

However, for many years, her contribution went unnoticed.

Mary was the daughter of an English squire, where she lived […]

Beacon of Freedom

Fairport Harbor Lighthouse, photo courtesy of Kraig Anderson

To many, lighthouses represented guidance and safety.

But to runaway slaves in the 1800’s, the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse represented freedom.

Built in 1825, the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse in Ohio is located at the mouth of […]

Today is National Lighthouse Day!

August 7, 2021

Last year most lighthouses were closed like many other public venues due to the Covid scare.

But this year, lighthouses have re-opened, giving us a chance to observe these icons of history in person.

If last year has taught us anything, […]

Recent Writer’s Path Posts

A Little Writing Humor

Writing can be stressful. But it can also be fun. Sometimes, you just need to laugh.

People have been trying to communicate since life began on this planet.

Snoopy understood the life of a writer.

They Didn’t, But He Did

One of the pitfalls of writing is the risk of being rejected.

No one wants to be rejected, and no matter how much you try to separate yourself from the writing, you take it personally. Reject my writing, reject me.

History abounds with stories […]

Do Writers Read?

Of course, they do! In fact, reading is one of the requirements for the job.

So today, I’m taking a reader survey, since I’m also a reader and I’m interested in what reading habits you have.

  1. Do you have a favorite place to […]

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