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Join me as we explore the various pathways we take when we follow our hearts. Sometimes those paths lead us into dangerous situations. Other times we find romance and happy endings. But all of us are following some path.

How do we know which way to go? Can we always trust our hearts, which can be easily swayed by emotions? Or is there direction from another, more reliable source?

One of the reasons I like lighthouses is because they represent so many symbols we need as we follow life’s journey. They provide direction, hope, and guidance for ships seeking safe harbor and warnings to keep them out of danger. In the same way, we need illumination to show us which path to take.

Come along with me as we discover what happens as we follow the pathways of our hearts!

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A Lighthouse Perfectly United

Les Hanois Lighthouse—built by Trinity House in 1862—marks the shoals and reefs off the coast of Guernsey.

Situated at the western end of the Channel Islands, the white granite lighthouse rises from a reef on the southwest side of the Island of […]

Old But Still Serving a Purpose


Today, I have a milestone birthday. I’ll spare you which one, but I’m still trying to accept my age. Birthdays are so looked forward to when we’re children, but as we get older, they’re not quite as exciting. Getting older is […]

Iced Over at Spectacle Reef

Spectacle Reef, photo courtesy lighthousefriends.com.

Located in Lake Huron, Spectacle Reef is subject to the conditions of the Great Lake. From December through March, the lake is covered with ice. The lighthouse keepers played roulette trying to guess when it was […]

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Are You Standing in Garbage?

“There I was, standing in a field of garbage,” the visiting missionary said. He was sharing a story about his search for a place to have an off-campus residence for some students in Africa whose college did not provide housing. The […]

When is a writer a success or a failure?

Success and failure. In today’s world, we are often defined as one or the other in whatever we do. Success can lift our spirits, motivate, and energize us, but failure can demoralize, depress, or stifle further efforts.

So what determines whether a […]

How to Find Joy in Writing Even When It’s Not Fun

Call me a rebel. Or a hypocrite. Or even a fake.

But the truth is, I don’t always love writing. What, you say?

Aren’t writers supposed to love writing? Now I know some do, but I doubt even those who do love it don’t […]

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