Hi! So you’re wondering who Marilyn Turk is?

Well, I’ve had many titles – daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, student, teacher, salesperson, to name a few. But my newest ones are grandmother and writer. Adjusting to this latest phase of my life is exciting and inspiring as I follow the role of my most important title: Christian, and discover how that title leads me to inspire others along life’s pathway.

Since I’ve begun this journey a few years ago, God has affirmed my direction by blessing my efforts. I’ve been published in Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Jr. magazine, The Upper Room, Guideposts Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Coastal Christian Family magazine and Lighthouse Digest. My short story, “A Stranger’s Visit to the Lighthouse,” was published in A Cup of Christmas Cheer. I am also a contributor to the Daily Guideposts annual devotional book.

A native of Louisiana and a resident of Florida, my favorite place is near the water. Since lighthouses and I have that in common, lighthouses always appear in my books, either as a main character or a minor one. Make sure you look for the lighthouse in each book.

My books include a book of devotions,  Lighthouse Devotions, and historical fiction books.  My Coastal Lights Legacy series  are four standalone novels whose stories are set around four different Florida lighthouses from 1861 to 1883.  In addition, I’ve written two World War II era novels, The Gilded Curse, and Shadowed by a Spy. The Gilded Curse won the AWSA Golden Scroll award for fiction, and my book Rekindled Light set at the Pensacola Lighthouse won a Faith, Hope and Love Reader’s Choice award.  Abigail’s Secret, is a dual time book set around a lighthouse, and is a finalist for the Maggie Awards. In addition, I’ve written ten novellas, one of which is The Wrong Survivor, in The Great Lakes Lighthouse Brides Romance Collection.

Having been encouraged by other writers along the way who have shared their knowledge of the craft so willingly. I hope that I, too, can encourage and inspire others to follow their God-given dreams.

I hope you enjoy these stories about lighthouses. Your comments are welcome.