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A Lighthouse Perfectly United

Les Hanois Lighthouse—built by Trinity House in 1862—marks the shoals and reefs off the coast of Guernsey. Situated at the western end of the Channel Islands, the white granite lighthouse rises from a reef on the southwest side of the Island of Guernsey. Les Hanois Lighthouse is important in the development of lighthouse engineering because [...]

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Changes and Growth

Me on the gallery at Au Sable Lighthouse, MI Hi Friends, It's hard to believe I started this website eleven years ago, but in those years there have been changes to the site, thanks to my awesome web designer, Rick Loe. In addition to the changes in appearance, there have been notable changes [...]

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Old But Still Serving a Purpose

  Today, I have a milestone birthday. I’ll spare you which one, but I’m still trying to accept my age. Birthdays are so looked forward to when we’re children, but as we get older, they’re not quite as exciting. Getting older is often associated with getting weaker, slower, forgetful, and losing one’s usefulness to society. [...]

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When is a writer a success or a failure?

Success and failure. In today’s world, we are often defined as one or the other in whatever we do. Success can lift our spirits, motivate, and energize us, but failure can demoralize, depress, or stifle further efforts. So what determines whether a writer is successful or not? The answer depends on your point of view, [...]

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Iced Over at Spectacle Reef

Spectacle Reef, photo courtesy Located in Lake Huron, Spectacle Reef is subject to the conditions of the Great Lake. From December through March, the lake is covered with ice. The lighthouse keepers played roulette trying to guess when it was time to go back to the mainland, since shipping stopped during that [...]

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Writing with Ernest

  Ernest Hemingway1 Ernest Hemingway was not my favorite author, in fact, I haven’t read most of what he’s written, but despite my own knowledge of his work, he was a successful author. And he was a serious writer. Hemingway had several interests – fishing, hunting, boxing, cats and perhaps you could add [...]

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A Thankful Lighthouse

Photo courtesy The lighthouse at the entrance to the Tchefuncte (pronounced “she funk tee”) River was built in 1837 to guide ships across Lake Ponchartrain, Louisiana, to the port in Madisonville, Louisiana. Built on low-lying land, the area of the lighthouse and its other buildings like the keeper’s house, the fog signal, [...]

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Lighthouses on Lockdown

Race Point Light, Cape Cod, MA, photo courtesy Closed for overnight stays summer 2020. With the threat of the COVID virus pandemic, most everyone has been affected in some way. Our lives have changed, and our futures questioned. For those of us housebound, we’ve hoped for summer vacation as an escape from [...]

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Memorial Day at the Lighthouse

Republished from 2014 Portland Head Light photo by Royalbroil, courtesy Wikimedia “Here they come!” Nine-year-old Tommy shouted from the front porch. Polly dried her hands with the dish towel and followed Emily, Tommy’s little sister, to the front door. Sure enough, coming over the top of the hill were men, women and children [...]

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What do you give a Lighthouse Mother?

New Canal Lighthouse, Flickr, Creative Commons, photo by hatchski   What kind of a Mother’s Day gift do you give to a woman who took care of hundreds of people while tending a lighthouse at the same time? Margaret Norvell, who served as a lighthouse keeper at three different lighthouses in Louisiana, was [...]

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How Writers Cope during the Pandemic

Social distancing on Little River Island in Maine, photo by Chuck Turk Appointments and meetings have been cancelled. Sports events have been cancelled. Vacations have been cancelled. Even going to church has been cancelled. The government tells us to stay at home to prevent the spread of the disease. So now, we writers [...]

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Honoring Our Lighthouse Ancestors

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Maine, photo by Laura Timberman Today's post was written by Special Guest Timothy Harrison, Editor of Lighthouse Digest For almost all of modern history the men and women who have served in our nation’s military forces have been honored with veteran’s markers at their grave sites at community cemeteries across [...]

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Rescued by a Buoy*

I'd like to welcome a fellow lighthouse lady, Elinor DeWire, who wrote this week's post. Elinor is a lighthouse expert and enthusiast, and so we have the latter in common. Hope you enjoy her post! Leave a comment and let us know. To the landsman, buoys are homely, rotund objects bobbing awkwardly in channels and [...]

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The Perfect Place to Live

More than twenty lighthouse keepers and assistant keepers served at the Galloo Island Lighthouse from the time of its first lighting in 1820 until its automation in 1963. But the one who served the longest was Robert C. Graves, whose tenure spanned thirty years, first as an assistant keeper in 1903, then as the head [...]

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Happy 4th of July!

  This land is my land.Little River Island, Cutler, MainePhoto by Chuck Turk, July 2013 “Good Morning, Baldy,” the lighthouse said as the island’s resident male eagle did a flyby. “Morning, Flash,” Baldy responded. “Beautiful day.” “What have you been doing – fishing?” “Earlier.” The eagle landed on a rock beside the [...]

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The Lighthouse Keepers’ Lifeline

Wisconsin Point (Superior Entry) Lighthouse, Photo courtesy November, 1970 Lake Superior was at its worst, with winds of 70 m.p.h. blowing icy waves over the Wisconsin Point Lighthouse and shaking the concrete building. Although the U.S. Coast Guard keepers’ main dwelling was on the mainland, the lighthouse was equipped with a kitchen, [...]

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