After her brother is killed at Pearl Harbor, Lexie Smithfield returns to Jekyll Island to handle the disposition of Destiny, the family’s impressive vacation cottage. Ten years before, the family quit coming to the exclusive Millionaire’s Club after a series of freak accidents. Her mother believed God cursed the island. Locals say it’s haunted.

Russell Parker, whose family has worked at the Jekyll Island Hotel since it opened in 1887, knows many secrets. For the past ten years, he has kept his promise to Lexie’s brother and kept quiet about the incident that ended the Smithfield’s resort vacations. But when Lexie and Russell meet again as adults, familiar feelings of friendship mix with new, more intimate feelings of attraction.

With the resort’s popularity in decline due to the Depression and war, many of the cottages remain abandoned, casting a cloud of gloom over the island. With German U-boats offshore, Lexie faces daily threats to her safety as well as her own fears of rejection.

Is Lexie’s destiny cursed by her family’s history? Or will Russell help her learn the truth and find peace for her trouble heart?

“The Gilded Curse is my kind of novel. I was totally drawn into the story from the very first page. I loved the setting and the entire cast of characters. It has everything you want in a novel: history, mystery, suspense, romance and intrigue. Highly recommended!” — Dan Walsh, bestselling author of The Unfinished Gift, The Discovery and When Night Comes

“I don’t give high reviews lightly. This book took me back to another day when ALL good books were well written and just told a story- a good story; and one worth reading. In fact I couldn’t believe that this book had only come out recently and not back around the time it took place. Another thing that impressed me was not only was it obvious that the author had researched the historicity (if that’s a word) of the settings and people- she also had the characters act true to the time period.”

“This is a great book – held my attention to the end! Very good development of characters, location, and historical events. The mystery kept me reading! I highly recommend it!”

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Series: Suspicious Shores #1
Release Date: March 14, 2016
ISBN13: 978-1938499111
Also in this series: Shadowed by a Spy