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When is a writer a success or a failure?

Success and failure. In today’s world, we are often defined as one or the other in whatever we do. Success can lift our spirits, motivate, and energize us, but failure can demoralize, depress, or stifle further efforts. So what determines whether a writer is successful or not? The answer depends on your point of view, [...]

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Writing with Ernest

  Ernest Hemingway1 Ernest Hemingway was not my favorite author, in fact, I haven’t read most of what he’s written, but despite my own knowledge of his work, he was a successful author. And he was a serious writer. Hemingway had several interests – fishing, hunting, boxing, cats and perhaps you could add [...]

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How Writers Cope during the Pandemic

Social distancing on Little River Island in Maine, photo by Chuck Turk Appointments and meetings have been cancelled. Sports events have been cancelled. Vacations have been cancelled. Even going to church has been cancelled. The government tells us to stay at home to prevent the spread of the disease. So now, we writers [...]

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Discovering a Book

  People often ask me where I get the ideas for my books. Their question implies I'm creative and that I come up with these ideas all by myself. Not true. You see, I’m a historical writer, so I like to explore history and find interesting facts about different periods in various places. Not that [...]

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