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Rescued by a Buoy*

I'd like to welcome a fellow lighthouse lady, Elinor DeWire, who wrote this week's post. Elinor is a lighthouse expert and enthusiast, and so we have the latter in common. Hope you enjoy her post! Leave a comment and let us know. To the landsman, buoys are homely, rotund objects bobbing awkwardly in channels and [...]

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The Perfect Place to Live

More than twenty lighthouse keepers and assistant keepers served at the Galloo Island Lighthouse from the time of its first lighting in 1820 until its automation in 1963. But the one who served the longest was Robert C. Graves, whose tenure spanned thirty years, first as an assistant keeper in 1903, then as the head [...]

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Happy 4th of July!

  This land is my land.Little River Island, Cutler, MainePhoto by Chuck Turk, July 2013 “Good Morning, Baldy,” the lighthouse said as the island’s resident male eagle did a flyby. “Morning, Flash,” Baldy responded. “Beautiful day.” “What have you been doing – fishing?” “Earlier.” The eagle landed on a rock beside the [...]

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The Lighthouse Keepers’ Lifeline

Wisconsin Point (Superior Entry) Lighthouse, Photo courtesy November, 1970 Lake Superior was at its worst, with winds of 70 m.p.h. blowing icy waves over the Wisconsin Point Lighthouse and shaking the concrete building. Although the U.S. Coast Guard keepers’ main dwelling was on the mainland, the lighthouse was equipped with a kitchen, [...]

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