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The Lighthouse Keeper No One Knew About

Pencarrow Lighthouse, New Zealand Mary Jane Bennett was New Zealand’s only female lighthouse keeper and was the head keeper of the country’s first permanent lighthouse. However, for many years, her contribution went unnoticed. Mary was the daughter of an English squire, where she lived a comfortable life of prestige. But when George Bennett [...]

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Iced Over at Spectacle Reef

Spectacle Reef, photo courtesy lighthousefriends.com. Located in Lake Huron, Spectacle Reef is subject to the conditions of the Great Lake. From December through March, the lake is covered with ice. The lighthouse keepers played roulette trying to guess when it was time to go back to the mainland, since shipping stopped during that [...]

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Honoring Our Lighthouse Ancestors

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Maine, photo by Laura Timberman Today's post was written by Special Guest Timothy Harrison, Editor of Lighthouse Digest For almost all of modern history the men and women who have served in our nation’s military forces have been honored with veteran’s markers at their grave sites at community cemeteries across [...]

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Higher Ground

This post was originally published on Sept. 1, 2012. I think it is a good time to republish it. St. Mark's Lighthouse, Florida Capt. John Hungerford stood on the gallery of the St. Marks Lighthouse scanning the horizon. There was a storm brewing out there over the Gulf of Mexico. The sky [...]

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The People in my Office

I know they’re waiting for me in there. Even when I forget, as soon as I walk into my office, there they are, the whole cast and crew, hanging around until I return to my desk each day. There’s pretty Cora, pensively sitting at her desk, undoubtedly thinking of the next hat she’ll create, and [...]

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How to Talk in a Lighthouse

Ailsa Craig Lighthouse, Photo by Ian Cowe One of the first lessons a new lighthouse keeper in Scotland learned was the importance of conversation. The Commissioners of the Northern Lights operated the 212 lighthouses in the country with three-man crews who rotated every six weeks, unless weather intervened. In addition, many relief keepers [...]

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The Lighthouse’s Unlikely Heroes

Little Donald followed the primary lighthouse keeper around like his shadow. Although Donald’s father was the assistant keeper, it was the bearded, white-haired former mariner with the pet parrot who fascinated the young boy. Donald listened with rapt attention to the veteran’s tales of the sea. The old keeper enjoyed the boy’s company and took [...]

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Prisoner at the Lighthouse

Present day lighthouse at Fort Jefferson, photo courtesy lighthousefriends.com For sailors navigating the shallow straits around the southern tip of Florida, the lighthouse on Garden Key in the Dry Tortugas was a welcome sight. But to the inmates of the prison at Fort Jefferson which surrounded the lighthouse, it was a constant reminder [...]

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