Me on the gallery at Au Sable Lighthouse, MI

Hi Friends,

It’s hard to believe I started this website eleven years ago, but in those years there have been changes to the site, thanks to my awesome web designer, Rick Loe.

In addition to the changes in appearance, there have been notable changes in content. With over 300 blog posts, I had to slow down to write books! In fact, I’ve had 17 published since I first began writing about the same time I started the website. Consequently, we’ve had to do some updating to the My Books tab.

Also, I noticed my last News update was about the 2020 Blue Lake Christian Retreat. Unfortunately, like many events, that one was cancelled as well. I am not sure when or if, after three consecutive, wonderful years, the retreat will be held again. Much depends on the venue, Blue Lake Camp, being open and available. They, too, are trying to recuperate from a year being closed. There are other venue possibilities, but Blue Lake was the most reasonably priced and adequate for our needs, so that is the preferred site.

After taking some time away from writing blog posts as often as originally (once a week every week) to write books, I will try to post more often. Since the lighthouse blog posts require more research, they are more time consuming, but I enjoy finding interesting stories to share. I hope you’ll continue to read the blog as I post new stories.

Please keep in touch, as I love communicating with you who are on the other side of the screen!

God Bless,


Me on the gallery at Little River Lighthouse, Maine