For sale: 150-year-old lighthouse, keeper’s house included.
Historic waterfront  property with spectacular view. Buildings in need of repair and paint. No electricity. Accessible only by boat, and that only from April to September.  No neighbors, no telephone, no Internet.

How would you like to have your very own lighthouse?  Impossible, you think? On the contrary, lighthouses go up for sale every year.

Once an important aid to navigation, many lighthouses are now unnecessary, due to modern technology and satellites.  While the US Coast Guard still operates 250 lighthouses, there are others that are only important to local citizens and historians. They know that the lighthouses represent a piece of history, an important part of who we are.

Each lighthouse has its own history, its own story. The story is about why it was built where it was built, such as warning of dangerous areas to avoid, areas where shipwrecks had occurred. The story is about who built the lighthouse, when it was built, how it was built and why it was built that way.

The story is about the lighthouse keepers who devoted their lives to the meticulous care of the light, about their struggles, their hardships, their bravery. It is about the families who lived there, the wives who took over the care of the lighthouse when their husbands were ill or died, the children who were born there and played there.

To own a lighthouse is to own a piece of that history, to become part of the history itself. It is possible, but it comes at a price.

There’s another history we can be part of. And this history is free to us. History is “His Story,” God’s story. It’s about God’s love for mankind and how God came here in human form to demonstrate His love for us. It  cost Him a lot. It cost Him the grief of seeing His Son sacrificed for us. Yet, He offers this at no cost to us. We can become part of His Story by simply believing in Him. Then our story becomes part of His Story.

What’s your story?

“Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God” John 1:12