If you look in the sky beside the lighthouse on my website, you’ll see three words floating there – Inspire, Enlighten, Encourage.

These three words are my motto, aka mission for my blogs.

First, Enlighten: As I search for stories about lighthouses, I look for something interesting – unusual stories or unique facts. When I find information I think others might also enjoy knowing, I share it. In A Writer’s Path, I hope to share information about the writing journey that will benefit others who also want to embark on that journey.

Next, Inspire: As a believer that God’s word provides help in any and all aspects of our lives, I seach for Bible verses that convey meaning to the story or the message of the blog.

Finally, Encourage: When we see examples of how God works in the lives of others, we know he can also work in our own lives. I’d like my readers to be encouraged by that fact.

I hope these three words minister to you as you read the blogs, and I’d love to hear from you if they do!