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Stories about lighthouses and how they relate to biblical principles.

The Little Lady that Saved the Lighthouse

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Montauk Point Lighthouse, photo courtesy If you visit Montauk Point Lighthouse on the end of Long Island, New York, you’ll find it hard to believe the lighthouse was almost abandoned, either to [...]

The Perfect Place to Live

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More than twenty lighthouse keepers and assistant keepers served at the Galloo Island Lighthouse from the time of its first lighting in 1820 until its automation in 1963. But the one who served the longest [...]

Happy 4th of July!

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  This land is my land.Little River Island, Cutler, MainePhoto by Chuck Turk, July 2013 “Good Morning, Baldy,” the lighthouse said as the island’s resident male eagle did a flyby. “Morning, Flash,” [...]

Give a lighthouse book for Christmas!

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Just in time for Christmas!   Seven historical romances set at Great Lakes Lighthouses. Buy it here!      

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