My Christmas Themed

Five historical holiday romances to warm your heart this season. Includes “Kaetlyn’s Cup of Christmas Cheer.”

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Release Date: October 1, 2020

Soon after Kaetlyn Murphy lands in America, she is hired as a housemaid to a wealthy family. Her new friend, fellow Irishman Trevor Lewis finds work as a delivery man, and soon love blossoms between the two. But when Trevor loses interest in her, Kaetlyn is certain she has said the wrong thing once again. With Christmas approaching, Kaetlyn leaves town for her employers’ winter estate. Will she ever see Trevor again?

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Release Date: October 1, 2020

The Christmas Gift – Marilyn Turk


Amateur photographer Lettie Morgan accompanies her aunt to Springlake, Florida for the annual Springlake Assembly. Jonathon Townsend, wealthy heir to the family fortune and first-time chairman of the event, wants the event to run smoothly. But when the train bringing guests to the Assembly is robbed, Jonathon, who is part-owner of the railroad, must find the robber and appease the attendees. Can the young photographer who’s captured his attention provide clues to the robbery? As Christmas approaches and the Assembly comes to a close, will Jonathon find a way to entice Lettie to stay?

The Christmas Surprise – Lenora Worth

When Lynsey Milton comes to Springlake, Florida, to revitalize the town’s historic main street, Jon Townsend, the heir apparent, resists helping her. He’d rather return to the quiet life of a country lawyer. Lynsey needs to seal this deal since a promotion is in her future. But Jon wants to stay in his Victorian mansion, keeping his grief to himself. He won’t fall for a woman who’ll soon leave.When they make a discovery in the gazebo by the lake, Lynsey gets Jon into the Christmas spirit. Can an old gazebo and a beautiful vintage ball gown bring them together?

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Release Date: November 2, 2019


In the spirit of cozy Christmas traditions, Guideposts Books’ A Cup of Christmas Cheer, is a two-book set of original fiction brimming with inspiring stories of faith and family set in Christmases past and present by various authors. Marilyn’s story is “A Stranger’s Visit to the Lighthouse.” Book One has Tales of Faith and Family and Book Two has Tales of Joy and Wonder. Each book includes eight stories that will encourage, inspire and uplift you with the Christmas spirit.

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Series: A Cup of Christmas Cheer #2
Release Date: January 1, 2013