Speaking Topics


  • How to turn your Personal Experience into Devotions
  • What’s your story? Leaving a Written Legacy
  • So You Want to Write
  • Time
  • My Writing Journey
  • Stepping Out on Faith and Embracing Rejection
  • The Power of Story

Personal Encouragement

  • but God . . . But God
  • Who Are You?
  • Dreams and Visions
  • Be Ready
  • Is “Wait” a four-letter word?

My Lighthouse Experiences

  • My Experience as a Volunteer Lighthouse Caretaker


  • How to turn your Personal Experience into Devotions
  • Historically Speaking – How to Write Historical Fiction with Authenticity


“Warm and inviting, Marilyn Turk’s presentations are more like sitting down with a best friend.”
Eva Marie Everson
Award-winning Speaker & Bestselling Author

“Marilyn Turk is a gifted Christian speaker, author and teacher. Her motivational talks are well researched and inspiring with a touch of humor added making them very relevant and entertaining. She draws on her life experiences as well as her knowledge of the Bible and history to keep the audience engaged.”

“MARILYN TURK is a gifted speaker whose presentations are both thought-provoking and compassionate. Writers of all levels of experience will be challenged to excellence through Marilyn’s motivating keynotes.”
Connie Stevens
Award-winning, multi-published author

“Marilyn Turk is so passionate about writing and encouraging people to write down their life stories that those listening leave motivated to make time to do just that!  She is always professional, entertaining and personable.  She also has great stories to share! My group loved her so much they wanted to invite her back for another gathering, so we did! ”
Barbara Wilder, Minister to Active Adults, Crosspoint Church, Florida

“Marilyn Turk is an engaging speaker. Her passion for the topics about which she speaks, her faith and her writing, is evident and draws in the listener. This speaker’s words are pleasing to the ear, challenging to the mind, and touching to the heart.”