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A Light in a Dark Place

Alcatraz Lighthouse today, photo courtesy USLHS   Alcatraz – the name conjures up a dark place, a place of no hope for the prisoners who were sent there. But in the beginning, it was a place of light. The Gold Rush in California and the subsequent increase in maritime traffic triggered the need [...]

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Spring Splendor Arrives at the Lighthouse

Start Point Lighthouse, Devon, UK Start Point is one of the most exposed peninsulas on the English Coast, running sharply almost a mile into the sea. The rugged, windswept headland was not a popular assignment for the families of lighthouse keepers sent to the 150-year-old lighthouse situated at the end. Winters seemed especially [...]

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A Symbol of Hope

Blackistone Lighthouse For many people throughout the world and the ages, a lighthouse has come to represent many things. A sailor seeking safe passageway through dangerous waters welcomed the sight of a lighthouse to guide the way. It not only told him where he was, but warned him of  danger. For some, the [...]

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