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Want to Buy a Lighthouse?

Penfield Reef Light, CT, photo courtesy lighthousefriends.com Now’s your chance to buy something you’ve always wanted – a lighthouse! Yes, right now, there are seven different lighthouses up for bid. So how do you buy your own lighthouse? Under the provisions of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000, the General Services [...]

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Spring Splendor Arrives at the Lighthouse

Start Point Lighthouse, Devon, UK Start Point is one of the most exposed peninsulas on the English Coast, running sharply almost a mile into the sea. The rugged, windswept headland was not a popular assignment for the families of lighthouse keepers sent to the 150-year-old lighthouse situated at the end. Winters seemed especially [...]

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Out of Control

How did I get myself into this mess? Oh, I remember now. I’d said, “Yes,” when the lady who leads our women’s ministry asked me to write a play for their next Christmas brunch.  Playwriting had not been on my bucket list, but when I suggested a change of format for the brunch such as [...]

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Stormy Times at a Rock Lighthouse

Longships Lighthouse, UK   Needles, Eddystone, Longships, Bishop Rock – these well-known lighthouses in the UK are a few of the country’s “rock” lighthouses. The name “rock” denotes that the lighthouse is offshore and not on land. In fact, many of these were built on rocks barely large enough for the lighthouses, yet [...]

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Don’t Look Down!

Bishop Rock Lighthouse, UK, photo by Ian Cowe Gordon Partridge checked the lighthouse duty schedule and blew out a breath. It was his turn to do his least favorite job at the lighthouse. With three keepers at Bishop’s Rock Lighthouse, each keeper was assigned duties on a rotating basis. As a result, everyone [...]

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Rethinking Priorities at an Alaskan Lighthouse

Five Fingers Lighthouse, AK, photo courtesy lighthousefriends.com. The waters of Alaska are a beautiful place to take a cruise surrounded by snow-capped mountains and pristine forests. But for lighthouse keepers at the Five Fingers Island Lighthouse, loneliness outweighed the beauty of its isolated location. Five Finger Islands, a collection of rocky islets in [...]

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The Lonely Lightkeeper’s Wife

Lubec Channel Light, ME, photo courtesy The Lighthouse People When Connie learned that her boyfriend Elson Small was giving up his career with the Merchant Marines to be a lighthouse keeper, she had mixed emotions. She was happy that he would no longer be out at sea, but her idea of marriage had [...]

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A Lighthouse Built For a King

Cordouan Lighthouse, Francecourtesy USLighthouse Society, uslhs.org In 1580, Henry III of France ordered a new lighthouse to be built at Cordouan Island near the entrance to the Gironde River and the wine port of Bordeaux. But he didn’t want a plain, ordinary lighthouse.  He wanted an impressive tower to take the place of the crumbling one [...]

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