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A Lighthouse Perfectly United

Les Hanois Lighthouse—built by Trinity House in 1862—marks the shoals and reefs off the coast of Guernsey. Situated at the western end of the Channel Islands, the white granite lighthouse rises from a reef on the southwest side of the Island of Guernsey. Les Hanois Lighthouse is important in the development of lighthouse engineering because [...]

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Lighthouses on Lockdown

Race Point Light, Cape Cod, MA, photo courtesy Closed for overnight stays summer 2020. With the threat of the COVID virus pandemic, most everyone has been affected in some way. Our lives have changed, and our futures questioned. For those of us housebound, we’ve hoped for summer vacation as an escape from [...]

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What do you give a Lighthouse Mother?

New Canal Lighthouse, Flickr, Creative Commons, photo by hatchski   What kind of a Mother’s Day gift do you give to a woman who took care of hundreds of people while tending a lighthouse at the same time? Margaret Norvell, who served as a lighthouse keeper at three different lighthouses in Louisiana, was [...]

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Rescued by a Buoy*

I'd like to welcome a fellow lighthouse lady, Elinor DeWire, who wrote this week's post. Elinor is a lighthouse expert and enthusiast, and so we have the latter in common. Hope you enjoy her post! Leave a comment and let us know. To the landsman, buoys are homely, rotund objects bobbing awkwardly in channels and [...]

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The Perfect Place to Live

More than twenty lighthouse keepers and assistant keepers served at the Galloo Island Lighthouse from the time of its first lighting in 1820 until its automation in 1963. But the one who served the longest was Robert C. Graves, whose tenure spanned thirty years, first as an assistant keeper in 1903, then as the head [...]

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Special Mission for a Lighthouse Tender

Drogden Lighthouse, Denmark For years, this blog has featured only lighthouses and people who serve them, but today’s blog will be a bit different. Today, I want to tell you about a lighthouse tender, a very special lighthouse tender. A lighthouse tender is a boat that brought supplies to lighthouses. For many of [...]

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A Light in a Dark Place

Alcatraz Lighthouse today, photo courtesy USLHS   Alcatraz – the name conjures up a dark place, a place of no hope for the prisoners who were sent there. But in the beginning, it was a place of light. The Gold Rush in California and the subsequent increase in maritime traffic triggered the need [...]

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The Lighthouse Prisoner-Architect

Macquarie Lighthouse, Aus, photo by Chuck Turk In 1812, Francis Greenway sat in Newgate Prison in Bristol, England, wondering how his life had come to this. Macquarie Lighthouse Lantern Room, Aus., photo by Chuck Turk His career as an architect had been promising, and he’d enjoyed professional recognition for his work. [...]

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Christmas at the Needles

Needles Lighthouse off the Isle of Wight, UK Over the past five years, I've gained somewhat of a reputation as the "lighthouse lady," the one who blogs about lighthouses and puts them in her novels. I'm by no means an expert, but I do love lighthouses and love to research them. What I [...]

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Lighting the Way by Land and Sea

Moose Peak Lighthouse (Mistake Island) Photo courtesy T.Bruce Jeffries and One day in 1905, the MacDonald brothers, both ministers, stood on top of Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Island, Maine.  As they scanned the island-laden coastline, Alexander suddenly slapped his brother on the shoulder and exclaimed, “Angus, what a parish this would [...]

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Want to Buy a Lighthouse?

Penfield Reef Light, CT, photo courtesy Now’s your chance to buy something you’ve always wanted – a lighthouse! Yes, right now, there are seven different lighthouses up for bid. So how do you buy your own lighthouse? Under the provisions of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000, the General Services [...]

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