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Seals and Lighthouses

Angels Gate Lighthouse, CA, photo courtesy Lighthouse keepers develop a relationship with the sea and learn to appreciate its personality. They also acquire an understanding of the creatures that live within it. Marine animals can provide food for the keepers, but they can also provide company. Along the west coast of the [...]

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The Lighthouse Master Craftsmen

  Skerryvore Lighthouse, photo by Ian Cowe The Stevenson family of Scotland is renown around the world as a dynasty of lighthouse builders. For five generations, the Stevenson’ engineering skills were employed to build structures that are still impressive, having withstood the onslaught of nature and time. Names like “Skerryvore” and “Bell Rock,” [...]

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Love Signals from the Lighthouse

The Maidens Lighthouses, Ireland Where did a young person who lived at a lighthouse meet other young people? How did they find someone to date, fall in love with, and marry? At other lighthouses, of course. Due to the remoteness of lighthouses, the children of keepers often met and married the children of [...]

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Work at the Lighthouse

  McNab's Island Lighthouse on Maugher's Beach, Nova Scotia “No fair! Why do I have to do all the work?” Maybe you’ve heard this complaint before, but you wouldn’t have heard it from lighthouse keepers or their families. Lighthouse keeping wasn’t an easy lifestyle, but for lighthouse families, it was a busy, active [...]

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Meet Lighthouse Person Barry MacDonald

Sambro Island Lighthouse, photo by Dennis Jarvis, courtesy Wikimedia Commons   From his bedroom window in the small coastal village of Ingonish, Nova Scotia, young Barry MacDonald could see two lighthouses. Barry’s father and grandfather were fishermen, so Barry spent a lot of time around the harbor, often visiting the lighthouses. Sometimes he [...]

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Meet Lighthouse Person Jeremy D’Entremont

Boston Light, by Jeremy D'Entremont Millions of people love to look at lighthouse pictures. A portion of those people actually get to visit a lighthouse in person. But most of these lighthouse lovers don't realize the pictures and often those lighthouses themselves wouldn't be there to enjoy unless someone photographed them or preserved [...]

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