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A Little Writing Humor

Writing can be stressful. But it can also be fun. Sometimes, you just need to laugh. People have been trying to communicate since life began on this planet. Snoopy understood the life of a writer. When do the ideas come? And then there's editing. And there's wishing it wasn't so hard. The necessary ingredient: coffee [...]

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They Didn’t, But He Did

One of the pitfalls of writing is the risk of being rejected. No one wants to be rejected, and no matter how much you try to separate yourself from the writing, you take it personally. Reject my writing, reject me. History abounds with stories of famous authors who were rejected multiple times before their work [...]

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When is a writer a success or a failure?

Success and failure. In today’s world, we are often defined as one or the other in whatever we do. Success can lift our spirits, motivate, and energize us, but failure can demoralize, depress, or stifle further efforts. So what determines whether a writer is successful or not? The answer depends on your point of view, [...]

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Writing with Ernest

  Ernest Hemingway1 Ernest Hemingway was not my favorite author, in fact, I haven’t read most of what he’s written, but despite my own knowledge of his work, he was a successful author. And he was a serious writer. Hemingway had several interests – fishing, hunting, boxing, cats and perhaps you could add [...]

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Discovering a Book

  People often ask me where I get the ideas for my books. Their question implies I'm creative and that I come up with these ideas all by myself. Not true. You see, I’m a historical writer, so I like to explore history and find interesting facts about different periods in various places. Not that [...]

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The Guilty Writer

Recently, a friend said to me, “I don’t know how you do so many things!” I smiled and shrugged, afraid to take any credit, because I knew how much I didn’t get done. For example, today I was supposed to write 1000 words on my current novel, edit a previously written book, compile corrections from [...]

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