Mouro Island Lighthouse, Spain

Isla de Mouro, Spain

When keeper Jose Cantabria arrived at the Isla de Mouro lighthouse, the weather was beautiful, the sea calm. The warm July day shone clear and bright, with wisps of white clouds floating above.

“What a peaceful place to work,” Jose commented to the other keeper, Manuel, who would share the lighthouse duties.

For months, the keepers managed the lighthouse, keeping the light going. Jose watched ships sail by on their way into the Bay of Santander, Spain. Life was easy, routine, and predictable.

Mouro-Island-Lighthouse-in waves

Isla de Mouro, Spain

Until December. As winter arrived, the temperature inside the lighthouse dropped. The stone walls did little to provide warmth to the two keepers who huddled by the stove in between their daily chores.

Then the winter storms began to pound the island lighthouse with such force that the tower shook. Jose and Manuel prayed that the 1860 building would withstand the onslaught and remain standing. Jose remembered the peaceful days of summer, and looked forward to their return.

The lighthouse stood, and continues to be an active aid to navigation.

Aren’t our lives similar to the changes at the lighthouse? Sometimes, everything is peaceful, comfortable, and uncomplicated. We move from day to day smoothly, confident we have things under control. Then the storms of life hit. We’re buffeted from one problem to another. No sooner is one crisis solved than another arises. Wave after wave of difficulties hit us, and we wonder if we have the strength to hold up to the challenges.

Thank God who is with us and has given us a place of refuge, a place to go for safety, protection and peace. We may not be able to bear the situations by ourselves, but God can. He stands firm, even when we can’t. And when we call on Him, HE IS THERE to hold us upright against life’s toughest storms.

“For you, Lord, have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe.” Psalm 61:3